General massage

Full body massage improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow, stabilizes the nervous system, relieves spasms and congestion.
A general massage will help relieve pain from a long stay in a static position.
General massage includes treatment of absolutely all parts of the body: back, arms, legs, feet, hands and head. 

Duration: 60/90 minutes
Price: 590/790 UAH

Back massage

The procedure is aimed at relieving pain, fatigue, normalizing the psycho-emotional state, and also has a beneficial effect on various diseases.
A classic back massage is often recommended for people with a sedentary lifestyle. It helps to keep the body in good shape, improves health and performance.

Duration: 40 minutes
Price: 450 UAH

Lymphatic drainage massage 

Eliminates congestion in tissues and promotes the elimination of toxins. Improves tissue supply with nutrients, oxygen and normalization of metabolism.


– muscle cramps as a result of severe or chronic exertion;
-spinal injury;
-excess weight;
-vascular insufficiency.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 590 UAH

Anticellulite massage

Directed at removing excess water and toxins from the body, making the skin look toned. It helps to start metabolic processes throughout the body, speed up metabolism and improve blood circulation.
Visible changes occur after about 10 sessions. 
The frequency of such courses can be 1-2 times a year.
Then the cumulative effect is turned on, and in the long term, cellulite will disappear..  We use only natural oils based on compositions of cocoa butter, shea butter and grape seed to soften the skin and fight stretch marks.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 590 UAH

Massage of hands and leg

Massage for those who locally want to work out their arms or legs, relieve tension, improve lymph flow.
This massage will help to relax spasmodic muscles, speed up recovery and prepare them for new loads and training.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 500 UAH

Kinesio taping 

Helps to relax overextended and tired muscles and accelerate the natural recovery process.
At the same time, it limits the freedom of movement and allows athletes to continue training and competition as usual.

Directed at eliminating:

– muscle discomfort; 
– edema, lymphostasis;
– large bruises and bruises;

Also used for:

– Reduced pain sensation
– recovery after injuries, fractures, dislocations
– prevention during sports competitions
– improvement of lymphatic drainage during the course of body shaping
– to combat muscle diastasis after childbirth 

We use only high-quality tapes from the Korean company Nasara.

Duration: 10-20 minutes
-1 zone (knee, shoulder, lower back, calf muscle, etc.) – 170 UAH
-1 small zone (hand, foot, trigger point) – 120 UAH
– anti-cellulite kinesio taping (thighs + buttocks + abdomen) – 350 UAH