In our cafe has

Coffee To Go

Take your coffee with you when walking, commuting to work, or while walking your beloved pet.

Healthy desserts

In our cafe you can pamper yourself with healthy desserts: without sugar, lactose and gluten free.

Professional coffee machine

The Italian-made Elektra coffee machine guarantees the high quality of the prepared drink.

100% Arabica

Ethiopia Aba Buna coffee, one of the best Arabica coffee, you can drink at any time.

ZGYM Cafe - it's love in every cup

A coffee shop is not just a place to grab a coffee and a snack, it is a place of coziness and lively meetings. Every morning and throughout the day, we treat our guests not only to delicious coffee, we immerse you in a magical, delightful world.

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Heart of coffee

Espresso is one of the main coffee drinks, on the basis of which dozens of coffee drinks are created. Espresso is a strong black coffee with golden foam, prepared in a coffee machine.

Coffee beverages


The basis of all coffee drinks. It is by espresso that they determine how good or bad the coffee is in a particular establishment. It is obtained by filtering hot water under pressure through a tightly compressed finely ground layer. Has a thick creamy foam. The world standard for a serving is 25-30 ml.


This is a classic espresso with hot water added. An important point - the water does not pass through the coffee tablet, but is added to the finished drink. The essence of preparation - the finished espresso is diluted with hot water in a ratio of 1: 3. The serving volume of Americano is 120-200 ml.


Cappuccino is a balance of coffee and milk flavors. The most famous espresso-based coffee drink. It maintains a balance: the taste of espresso is felt, but it does not prevail over the taste of milk. A standard cappuccino is prepared in a 150-180 ml cup and one espresso is used. Large cappuccino - based on two espresso, served in a cup of 280 ml or more.


For people who prefer a creamy taste. Latte is the largest and mildest espresso-based coffee beverage. Suitable for those who do not like the bright taste of coffee. It is prepared in a 250-300 ml cup and one serving of espresso is used. The rest of the drink is milk and some milk foam.

Flat white

The richest in taste espresso-based milk drink. It is especially loved by connoisseurs of the taste of espresso in a cup. Flat white is prepared in the same volume as a standard cappuccino - 150-180 ml, but use two servings of espresso. The rest of the volume is occupied by milk and quite a bit of milk foam.


Dessert drink based on coffee (cocktail of espresso, sugar and cream). The peculiarity of the recipe is the vanilla aroma and homogeneous structure. The main feature of Raf coffee is that the ingredients are mixed, and only after that they are whipped into a homogeneous drink, where the main thing is not a frothy head (as in cappuccino), but a smooth consistency.

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